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EWS Round 2 teaser

0 By on Friday May 22 2015 in Racing

The Enduro World Series heads to Wicklow, Ireland for a 47km 7 Stage torture test this weekend. With over 1700 metres of climbing and all the stages packed into one day, it’ll be a real game of survival of the fittest going up as well… More ›

The Trail Dog Standard

4 By on Wednesday May 20 2015

Standards are coming and going so fast these days that it seems like we should rename them as “fleeting specifications”… what’s next? They haven’t messed with brakes for a while; maybe they could change the way they are mounted to the frame and fork and… More ›

A love letter to Flite’s carbon wheels

2 By on Wednesday May 20 2015

A while back you may remember when Brett and I visited Wheelworks’ Lyall Bay workshop and watched as Gavin and Tristan worked their magic and laced up a beautiful set of carbon Derby rims to some very rad Chris King hubs. If you can’t remember,… More ›

Limited Edition colours for TLD A1

0 By on Wednesday May 20 2015 in New products

Troy Lee Designs have one of the duro-est of All-Duro helmets with the a1, and now it’s available in even more duro colourways (which is the duro way of saying colours). Check out the camo options and one for the Yeti/Santa Cruz/insert-other-bike-brand-using-turquoise-this-year riders…   Get… More ›

Coffee and bikes just go together

0 By on Friday May 15 2015 in Exclusives

Coffee and beer: besides water, it seems that the only things that cyclists drink are either brown stimulants or brown depressants (yet both make you feel good). When traveling with a bike or going somewhere to ride bikes, getting a good coffee always seems to… More ›