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Posted by Lester Perry on Wednesday October 20 2010

The downhillers warm up on the Pump Track; Matt Scoles leads Brook MacDonald.

Caleb I have been chasing the Wide Open team around the Bay of Plenty today. First stop was Wide Open HQ out the back of Rotorua to meet up with the crew, then we shot through to Summer Hill in Tauranga. Here’s a gaggle of shots from the day….

The Summer Hill pump track is a sweet bit of fun. John Sanderson has been adding some of his finesse with a spade and making the place flow like water.

Southerner Conor MacFarlane does a bit of tweaking to his freshly piled lip. Killer shot on Caleb's camera from this one!

Sheep and dirt farmer, Brett Frew. The Dirt Whisperer...?

Bikes and dirt.

Brook MacDonald, moustaching up the lip (of the jump).

Karl Cavenar (left) keeps an eye on the Summer Hill jumps. He fitted a new fence around the roll in area while we were sifting around.

Brett checks the roll in. Needless to say it was no dramas.

Whips on!

Conor was super dialled on the trails, good pop and super flow. His enthusiasm was rubbing off on everyone and getting them amped!

Caleb getting the shot!

Conor, dialled!

  • Mark

    Are you sure that was Caleb? It looks like a Troll.