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Posted by Lester Perry on Thursday October 21 2010

Paul's place, well actually his parents place but this is what you see just before seeing the dirt setup.

Wow, what a hectic couple of days it’s been! After a midnight lights-out following an hour or so of banter and abuse dished around the Wide Open and Spoke crews, it was a 6:20am blaring alarm that got us dragging our carcasses out of bed and into action for the day.

Paul Langlands; whistle while you work. Paul broke his ankle a month or so ago and was fresh out of his 'moon boot' hobbling around tweaking his jumps. Then, he rode - more on that further down the post!

The plan was to head from our base in Rotorua over to Cambridge to session Paul Langland’s backyard trail spot. On the road by just after 7am we made an obligatory coffee stop and trucked on to C-town. Once on the Mamaku ranges we were confronted with dark clouds, grunty rain, and gale force winds. Not the ideal conditions if you’re planning on getting your bike off the ground!

After a couple of phone calls we decided to push on to Cambridge and see what we could do. Literally two minutes of driving after making this decision the skies cleared and the wind dropped a little. Once at the Langlands compound the boys donned their pads and hit the trails.

Matt Scoles whipped way out. He was hammering out heaps of these over the session.

We battled the elements with showers passing through and winds blustering, causing a little havoc with the riders but Caleb managed to squeeze out a couple of decent shots, Peiter got some solid footage and I threw my camera around snapping everything in sight.

Recent addition to the Wide Open squad, Conor MacFarlane was killing things with these shoulder barges. He also swung a few 360 X-ups but no decent photos were snapped of them.

Wide Open 'old-timer' Brett Frew threw out a bunch of spins over the hip. Caleb got the good shot, I didn't!

Brett took a bit of a rodeo after landing the last jump and ended up tangled in the live electric fence. Shocking.

Brook MacDonald keeping things waayyy moto! One footed downside tables like the best of them.

BOOM. Conor rules.

As mentioned earlier, Paul Langlands is fresh off a broken ankle. He was itching to ride (although probably shouldn't have been) so grabbed his bike and had a quick shred, absolutely killing it in the process.

The rain came in about half an hour before we were due to roll back to Rotorua (for the product launch where I'm sitting right now). After a hustle in the garage we loaded the troops and headed for base, just as the weather was clearing once again! Always the way.