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Posted by Lester Perry on Friday October 22 2010

The Demo day before it got busy. Plenty of bikes to try although many on the rack in the pic are dealers personal rides.

Day 2.5 and Day 3 of the Wide Open product launch were a little different. The end of day 2 (let’s call it Day 2.5) wrapped up with Wide Open throwing down dinner for their dealers, team and associated hanger-oners (that’s Caleb and me). Abracadabra was the spot, a decent Moroccan place with amazing Lamb shanks on Potato mash!The evening wrapped up with a few pints of Crouchers Pilsner, generalĀ  banter and lot of smiles all round.

Matt Whittaker (left) is the kingpin of Wide Open, here he is preparing to tuck in to dinner. 'Dog Boy' was super busy over the last few days and can be proud of his effort!

Matt V from FSA (pretty obvious which person that is) and umbrella brands had flown out from the USA to give dealers the low down on their HUGE range of products.

Team Wide Open getting amongst the action.

Dog Boy mingles with some of his dealers (yes, that guy on the right owns a shop - Tim from T-Whites Bikes)

Brook MacDonald - Stoking.

Friday morning dawned (let’s call that day 3) at 7am. The team showered, Weet-Bixed and headed to the forest to to set up base camp for the day. With a complete fleet of demo bikes racked up for dealers to try and a clear blue sky, things were looking pretty good for the day!

Dealers rolled in and took each of the bikes for a thrash, either taking laps of the downhill track on the gravity machines, or looping a small section of trail to the side of the base on the trail and XC bikes. Lunch time came and dealers were fed and watered and set out to pasture for an hour or so, took a bit of a sit down and were back into it.

Matt V (FSA) getting amongst the action.

As the dealers headed for the hills we (the Spoke posse) rounded up the team for a bit of a pedal across the forest to shape and hit a couple of spots. Looking outside of the normal ‘gravity’ realm we hit the singletrack aboard everything from short travel jump bikes (Black Market Killswitch) and downhill bikes (Turners of course).

Matt Scoles mid corner. The 'print' shot from this spot is killer!

We bagged some shots, got some sun stroke, talked some mindless rubbish and were generally happy with the day! Until we had to ride back across the forest with heavy bags of cameras, flashes and tripods. But hey, that’s part of the job right?

Matt Scoles, flash check model.

Scolsey getting whipped on the DH rig.

Caleb, fearless Spoke editor getting a shot. Yeah, he forgot his riding kit so had to roll 'skate-rat' style.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out plenty of content from the Wide Open product launch, more photos and videos.

Keep an eye open in a future print edition of Spoke Magazine for a full article and all the good photos.