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Posted by Lester Perry on Monday November 8 2010

SOMA coffee mug.

The Wide Open 2011 product was a couple of weeks back and hopefully you enjoyed our coverage of what the team were up to over the few days. “What about the product?” you ask. Well here’s a boat load of pics from the launch with product only…..

Matt V (see last week's Frankly Thursday) talks FSA SLK series.

SLK carbon goodies.

The Soma lineup. Straps in every possible colour and enough bits and pieces to build your commuter, fixed gear or cyclocross rig. Hipsters apply here.

Gravity Light bits. Nice, simple and LIGHT for your DH rig or all-mountain steed.

Gravity bars. Check that sick 'Light' bar with AT signature colourway in highlighter yellow. There's a matching stem too!

Gravity Light pedals. Niiiice.

Turner 5-Spot.

Turner FLUX.

Turner's 29" option, The Sultan.

The ever popular 5-Spot.

FSA for Roadies. Vision will be launching a 10 speed groupo aimed at the TT, Tri and multisport crowd. This Carbon derailleur is just plain sick!

Mmmmm, Marzocchi 2011. Dope colours and buttery smooth!

More 'Zocchis.... See what I did there? ;)

SDG's new DH saddle. No longer do you need to glue old tyres to the top of your seat; this looks way more pro!

SDG brings some classic styling. The brass rivets at the back end of this saddle add a nice touch too.

Juice Lubes are a new product for Wide Open but we're expecting these lubes and cleaners to become one of the more popular brands out there. Something for everything.

Juicy cleaners, oils etc.

MRPs 1x guide. Perfect for the 1x10 crowd. XC lightness.

MRP G2 guide. This will most probably propel MRP back to the top of the guide game in the downhill market. The Lopes guide is similar to this only a bunch lighter and aimed at the 32/34 tooth crowd, ideal for keeping your chain on on a single ring all-mountainer. Why you'd want the Lopes name (it appears where you see G2 in this pic) on your bike is beyond me but I'm sure a little sandpaper will solve this!