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Posted by Caleb Smith on Tuesday December 14 2010

It’s done! I can’t believe it. Two weeks ago I just had a frame, then on Friday I had the SRAM bits and pieces and then today wheels and a fork, and now I have a 140mm travel 15.1kg/33 pound (I never said it would be light) all mountain 29″ beast. It hasn’t been ridden off road yet, and I’m still contemplating breaking it in on Rata Ridge tomorrow for the Super D but I think I might end up breaking myself if that was its maiden voyage. Anyway, it’s done. A massive thanks to Allan at Niner, Dylan, Rob and Peter at SRAM, Jason and Mark at WTB, Matt W and Matt V at Wide Open who have all helped make this build possible. Oh and thanks to Rich at On Yer Bike for running the cables this morning! More photos after the jump.

Hell yeah! Tubeless 2.2" 29" WTB Bronsons on those sexy Stryker wheels, a dinner plate sized rear 10 speed rear cassette, a black X9 rear mech and and taperbore Avid Code anchors. Even J Lo (Lopez not Leov) would be proud of this rear end.

After installing HammerSchmidt on a Nomad, a Reign and an SX Trail, fitting it to the Niner had to be at least ten times easier, the proof being the fact that I did it with no help (although I did have to look back at our own install instructions!)

I'm thinking I might need a driver's license for the Vivid Air; us magazine people rarely get much more than bubble wrap with our products (time to download the manual). But if it makes me ride like Minnaar or Peaty I'll be happy.

I went for a spin around the block and surprisingly those 777mm wide Gravity 777 bars actually feel comfortable; 745mm is normal for me so will be interesting to see if I keep them that wide.

Weighing in at just 410g, the Taberbore Codes are tough as hell. Like Elixir CRs they rock SRAM's contact point adjustment but feature unequalled stopping power that only comes with a four-piston caliper. Bam.

  • aidan

    That’s mean bro, a work of art

  • Mark

    V Nice.

  • Chris

    Awesome! Welcome to the future… 29ers rock!

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  • Jono

    she rides sweet too!

  • Jono

    You have to use it on rata. And I’m not just saying that because changing your bike would be cheating…

  • Michael

    Looking good bro! Love the grips.

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    • http://www.calebsmith.co.nz Caleb


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    jealous me…