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Posted by Caleb Smith on Thursday January 20 2011

The Vertigo Bikes boys in Queenstown blasting and crashing down the new Hammy’s Trail built for the opening of the Skyline gondola-accessed bike park in Queenstown. Hammy’s is a perimeter style trail for all abilities which is too much fun! Put iTunes on cause there’s no music, just that annoying wind sound…

  • Timjim

    I rode the lower half of that trail last week, after coming down the Fernhill loop, and it has the sickest berms I’ve seen anywhere, and jumps even I can hit up. Lot of work invloved building it – good work to those fullas.

  • ceeceeemmjay

    That trail looks real sweet. Can see it’s really well made and the hours that must have gone into building it. Props to those involved. Heading to Queenstown next month for a riding mish with mates, will definitely hit that up.

  • aidan

    That’s sick!