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Giro releases new Feature film… I mean helmet

Posted by Caleb Smith on Thursday September 8 2011

Giro's new Feature enduro/all mountain lid. Photos T Cutty

While the jury is still out on goggles with XC lids Giro have introduced the Feature, a helmet that blurs the lines between skate, enduro and all mountain. Now Giro have been here before with a few of their helmets in the past like the SemiMX, so you can’t go saying they are jumping on anyone’s bandwagon. The Feature is a more heavy duty All-Mountain/Enduro style helmet than the XAR and offers a good cross between skate lid aesthetic and breathable functionality. So the key features of the Feature (I sound like Austin Powers) are its in-mold design, its 12 vents, the fact that it’s goggle compatible (but you knew that from our photo) and it has a three bolt visor (more akin to a DH helmet than an XC one) as well as external strappingĀ  (see it starts on the outside not the inside) I have no idea when you will be seeing these in the shops but i’ll find out soon as well as getting a ball park RRP.

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  • Jed

    That helmet would look the schizz paired with a new turquoise and yellow Yeti SB-95. Hell yeah!

  • Hayden


  • Ben Wilde

    The jury is back on googles with XC helmets and the decision was unanimous, hell no. Especially not yellow!

  • http://www.andrewrevitt.com Andrew Revitt

    Works with skate helmets so in theory should be ok but I’m not sure about that – perhaps its the colour combo?

  • Guest

    What the shit is the difference between enduro and all mountain?

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      Owen I’m no expert but i think you’ll find that things like the Megavalanche and the many European Enduro comps are a bit gnarly than the all mountain that we see here. People want full face protection (hence Enduro helmets have far more back of the head coverage) but in an open face package, and it seems more often than not they want to run goggles. Just look at Downiville and the Oregon Super D series almost everyone on the podium is rocking a goggle/XC lid combo, I’m not saying it makes it right. But I think you’ll find Enduro is definitely closer to DH than it is to XC and to that end an enduro helmet should offer more protection.

  • Sebkemp

    I’m with Guest, what is the difference between enduro and all mountain? Answer: it’s all in our heads.

    • LR

      Actually I’d disagree with that. i don’t think its all in our heads . . . I think it just isn’t.

  • daddio

    Giro had the ‘Switch blade’ out well over ten yrs ago now. A true multi helmet, xc lid with a bolt on mouth piece for when we used to enter both days over the mtb weekend on the same bike, ie: race xc & dh………..oh how things come around, its not new, its retro………haha

  • http://www.facebook.com/zap.zapatos Zap Zapatos

    Nice lid, Giro :)

  • Mike

    Looks to me like one of the mtb designers at Giro snuck over to the snowboard department, stole some of their drawings and coloured them in. Cutting edge.

  • Ryan

    Have to love the Lego Man! Goggles and xc lid for life!