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It was a good day – Fox 34s are here!

Posted by Caleb Smith on Monday September 26 2011

The WFO9 is so close to its final build; the WTB Strykers will be moving to the Tallboy and the Havens will be coming across with a couple of changes—a switch to the Syntace x12 rear axle and move from 20 mm down to 15 on the front. Once that's all done the WFO9 will be as close to a 29er Nomad as I can get!!!

Yes indeed, today is a good day; epic sunshine, no wind, almost no clouds and to top it all off my 140 mm Fox 34 forks showed up (hit up your local bike shop as the distributor is shipping these now). These bad boys are probably the most highly anticipated fork from Fox in quite a while, enabling long travel 29ers to rock something burly up front, and with the massive slew of 29ers with more than130 mm of travel coming out in 2012 the arrival of the fork is very timely. I’m gonna try to get a ride on them later today but at the moment they’re just sitting there looking kinda shiny.

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  • Brett

    Why are my forks on your bike?

  • Timjim

    That is until a 29er Nomad comes out…