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Coppermine anyone? Epic Coppermining Clip

Posted by Caleb Smith on Thursday October 6 2011

Okay so this video is EPIC. It just goes to show how much the riding in Nelson rules, the trail in the clip is the downhill in the Coppermine race. You can see why I’m spending two weeks there over New Year!!! But it wouldn’t have been that hard to add a bit of music to the clip right?

  • Aidan Forrest

    Epic downhill is epic!

  • Mark

    Is that Bob at the front there. Don’t tell me she got an uplift to the top of that hill…I’d have to check if hell had frozen over (feels like it in Wellington at the moment)

  • Mike Stylianou

    Clip is from Nelson/Tasman tourism site; http://www.nelsonnz.com/video, so no music, but we’re trying to get the original footage and see what we can do.

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      cos that second guy is rocking the helmet cam, would be sweet to mix up the heli and helmet footage…

  • Jono

    I can almost hear a soundtrack in the chopper engine. The blades have a bit of a rhythmic bass thing going on…

  • KB

    gonna have to ride that this weekend after seeing the footage

  • Getoffmytail

    How cool is the guy buzzing the girls back wheel though?

  • Mike Stylianou

    @Getoffmytail, that’s Harriet Harper (current national DH champ) and her partner Boyd Grinstead (who’s not too shabby on a bike either), that’s just the way they ride……just some close riding.

    The other thing you need to know about this clip, is that this is pre-Damianisation (as I like to call it), the track has now been improved, the corners are more flowy and things like the water bars have been designed for bikes to ride of them. These improvements are all part of NZ cycle way and Damian Stones (Firepit pump track) got the job to create the new single track, so you really need to think ‘over-sized’ pump track.
    Also the original Boulder Valley line is still in place if you like rough and ready.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Carter/677755773 Jeff Carter

    Looks pretty fun, keen to ride that

  • Tim h

    Shame they cut your segment out of the reel styley