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Brother Ryan gets hooked up on Pivot

Posted by Caleb Smith on Thursday December 1 2011

The Revolution Products DH team has been around for last five seasons and they’ve enjoyed a huge amount of success, but have decided to grow the team and now they’ve added their first Super D/Enduro DH rider to showcase Pivot’s rad trail bikes. So Chris Harris would like to announce that Ryan Williamson has joined Revolution Products’ merry band of athletes. Ryan has just taken delivery of his new Pivot Mach 5.7 and his first ride on the bike was at the first round of Wellington Underground Super D series last night. Ryan must have felt at home on the Mach 5.7 as he walked away with 1st place (kind of). Great effort for his first time on the bike! Keep an eye out for Ryan at coming events and be sure to check out his pretty trick bike.

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  • Jono Church

    YEAH BOY, he fully deserves it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aidan.forrest Aidan Forrest

    shot brother!

  • http://www.facebook.com/richwalk Richard Walker


  • Shotoption

    Shot Option!

  • http://armsultan.tumblr.com armsultan


  • Dean

    Nice one, Go Brother Ryan!

  • Anonymous Fan

    Primo! .. yeah ryan you ripper, low key all around pinner .. chuuurrr buuudy

  • outfoxed(get it brother?)

    brother Ryan, i didnt realise those tips i gave you at the start would pay off big time huh! BTW hows your abs? for a fast guy your eye/hand co is pretty fucked up to get cleaned by an old fuka.
    you are too trusting. see you at the emu for part 2. best wear a jockstrap buddy