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Easton New Zealand Road Trip

Posted by Caleb Smith on Saturday February 25 2012

Take two Britz Campervans, one piece of crap minivan, two members of the Coastal Crew, two photographers and one marketing manager, then mix in Sam Blenkinsop, Cam Cole, ten-time World DH champion Nico Vouilloz, Kona’s freeride star Graham Agassiz and a smattering of eager locals and you have the recipe for the just-completed Easton New Zealand road trip.

The full story will drop later in the year but in the meantime hit up #eastonNZ via Twitter and you may be able to piece together what went down.

  • http://twitter.com/seandavc Sean Christensen

    Thanks for dropping by Nelson, hope it was worth all the Kilometers. You are all welcome back, anytime. -Sean.

  • Dain Zaffke

    This won’t be the last time that Easton visits NZ. It’s been epic so far! Thanks for all of the guiding Caleb!

    • Pkeller

      Count me in next year!