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The Teva Slopestyle has begun

Posted by Caleb Smith on Wednesday April 4 2012

Elmo Cotter is going so high off the quarter, it's fricken insane!

That’s right folks, the Teva Slopestyle has begun and shit is gonna get real (excuse the hip hop in me). But seriously, after just one practice session it seems that everyone has brought their A game. Conor Macfarlane is tricking everything; the step-down, the hip, in and out of the fruit bowl as well as the final jump. Sam Dueck is throwing down too, tailwhipping off both the starting step-down and the fruit bowl. Kelly is in fine form and Lewis Jones is just getting steezy on everything. Elmo is boosting so damn high out of the quarter it’s insane! High jump comp anyone? Haimona has already has knocked this edit together from the first practice and here’s a few snaps. Right I’m off to the night practice under lights which should be fun.


Riding it like he built it, Kelly steezing it out on the quarter.

Teva import Sam Dueck has been killing it. He's tailwhipped everything and was just starting to unload his threes when the first practice finished.

Phil McLean with a huge no can out of the fruit bowl.

Teva's Steve Winnacott and their South Island rep Gerard inhale some fumes.