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I Heart Mavic

Posted by Caleb Smith on Friday June 22 2012

The Alpine XL is a pretty fricken' rad backcountry shoe. If your riding involves a little bit of hiking then this shoe is for you. They're super stiff and have a neoprene sleeve to stop small rocks and debris from getting in as well as a nice chunky sole for grip when the bike is on your back. The antibacterial inner and quick lace system are just the icing on the cake.

Enduro superstar and recent visitor to New Zealand Jerome Clementz rides and works for Mavic in France. When I mentioned before he left New Zealand that I thought his shoes would be perfect for riding and shooting photos, he said he’d be able to send me a pair to try out. Well the other day a box showed up and it was a lot bigger than a shoebox. In it were Mavic shorts, jerseys and even a helmet, as well as my shoes. We don’t see too much of Mavic MTB clothing on these shores but the quality of this stuff is amazing and I can’t wait to get out and start shredding it.

Mavic make four different baggy shorts, but we received the Notch (left) and the Stratos (right). The Notch is a basic baggy short with a loose fit, nice high crotch and quite a long leg, perfect for wearing over soft knee pads. The Stratos shorts are ludicrously lightweight and super technical and are cinched shut with Velcro rather than just elastic as found on the Notch.

The Notch shirt is pretty basic (basic is good); a nice soft moisture wicking material, a short zip on the front and flat stitching, what more could you want?

This Stratos H20 jacket is next level. Fully breathable and seam sealed, it has a removable hood, a full length front vent as well as pit vents, scuff guards in high use areas and a tonne of other features. But by far the coolest thing is the clear window for timepiece viewing on the left cuff!

Lastly we received Mavic's Syncro helmet. There not too much to say about it; it's light, got a tonne of vents, a removable visor and a dial for up to 6cm of adjustment.

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  1. The Notch shirt is pretty basic, a nice moisture wicking material, a short zip on the front and flat steitching
  2. Oh and this Stratos H20 jacket is pretty much next level. Full breatahable and seam sealed it has a removable hood and a tone of other features but by far the coolest thing is the clear window for time peice viewing  on the left cuff!
  3. Lastly we recieved Mavic's Syncro helmet. There not to much to say about it, its light, got a tonne of vents a removable visor and a dial for up to 6cm of adjustment.

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  • Zane Smith

    The Mavic Alpine XL are the business for out back NZ jungle missions where you may need to carry your bike. I had been searching for a decent jungle mission shoe for a number of years before I bought a pair of these. Very happy with mine after 6 months use. Good to walk in with an excellent heel cup that keeps the shoe attached firmly to the foot when walking up steep hills. The shape of the sole is good, with good sticky tread and the sole has good stiffness for bombing on the bike.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=632511579 Lewis Whitworth

    im liking the look of the jacket

  • http://twitter.com/InspiringRiding InspiringRiding

    Been using my Alpine XL’s for almost a year now. Lovely shoes for riding, pushing and carrying. Shame they aren’t available here.

  • Adam E

    I’m a MTB newbie and LOVING it. I’ve got a Mavic jacket and I now want their stratos shorts for when I’m not riding lycra shorts. The reason is for their lightweight sleek design – why do people ride baggy heavy pocket-infested shorts?

    I reckon the design of mavic MTB gear is technical and elegant, yet firmly MTB. Nice balance in my view. Also appreciate the discerning graphic design.