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W.O.R.D. does America – meet the crew

Posted by Ash on Saturday July 21 2012

For the next two months this motley crew that calls Wellington home are on an adventure in the Southwest of America. Riding bikes, eating Mexican food, going big, and maybe coming home. We’ll take you along for the journey by giving you semi regular updates right here.

Here’s the lineup:

The Ranger: Self proclaimed athlete, first time out of New Zealand, makes a mean stirfry.

The Ranger in his element

Mushi: Tree surgeon in search of a girl called Candy. Enough said.

The tree surgeon at work

Ash: The American, baker of goodies, in search of some sweet air time.

Ash wears her heart on her cape.

Together these three are part of a super elite and secret group: W.O.R.D (Wellington Offroad Riding Department). Other members including Whisky Mike and Sifter who will also be joining as special guests along the way.

The (loose) plan:

Phoenix-Sedona-Flagstaff-Vegas-Moab-Durango-Crested Butte-Breckenridge-Denver-Boulder-Grand Junction-Fruita-Tahoe-Mammoth-San Fran-Santa Cruz

The prelude:

Mushi is in Europe at the moment attempting to get fit for the trip. Ash is heading on a plane to America today to prepare her folks for the boys’ arrival, and the Ranger is naturally fit so he’ll wait till mid next week to make the journey.

The States here we come!!!!


  • Alex

    No Park City? My advice – Skip Phoenix, Sedona, vegas, and Moab, where it’s going to be hot as hell and come ride high in the hills of imba’s first ever platinum level mt bike town!

    Ps. Denver and boulder are flat.

    • Ash

      Hmmm I am intrigued….tell us know park city lover?

  • Jacqui

    I will be stalking you when you come to Colorado!
    Ash, I have missed you!!! Jacqui

  • Susan and Ian

    Hey Ash, Go our advance party! Expecting some recon work from you in San Fran and Santa Cruz.

  • rod

    hammer; 7 fiddy for the rain. moneies in da bank yo.