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Exclusive: Rene vs Rampage – Day 1

Posted by rene on Saturday October 6 2012

Cam McCaul sends it for the top qualifying spot. All photos Rene Van Wonderen

We arrived in Vegas at 3am this morning and after the obligatory cruise down ‘The Strip’ headed out to the Red Bull Rampage site in Virgin Utah, about three hours away. Qualifying was nearly underway by the time we got there so it was straight on the bus and down the dusty four mile access road to the site.

Walking up the canyon felt crazy having seen these iconic jumps and drops in photos, then having them right in front of you. They look much the same in real life, only way bigger.

Instagram had confirmed McGazza’s broken foot a few hours earlier and it was a little gutting to see him hobbling around instead of throwing backies like only McGazza knows how. But that’s life. Instead, Cam McCaul tried to take his place, absolutely slaying the huge canyon gap with a massive whip to take top qualifying spot.

Lots of the big boys weren’t in qualifying today due to automatic entry, so Sunday’s throwdown should be only more epic.

Cactii and Kashima litter the canyon.

Four or five sent the Oakley drop this afternoon with three going down hard.

Brendan Fairclough destroying the wallride.

The wind picked up later in the day with only a few riders left so qualifying was cut short. Fingers crossed for wind-free finals.

Till Sunday

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  1. Till Sunday
  2. Brendan Fairclough destroying the wall-ride.