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Win Limited Edition Race Face Atlas bars

Posted by Caleb Smith on Friday January 4 2013

Kash Money and the Green Monster are two new limited edition colourways  just released by Race Face. The good folks at KRD (the New Zealand distributor) thought you deserved a bit of a Christmas pressie as well and have given us a couple of sets of Race Face’s classic DH/All Mountain bar the Atlas to give away, in the new colours of course.

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which one is which. They’re 785mm wide and feature a .5″ rise with a 8˚ rearward sweep and an upward angle of 4˚. They weigh in at 340grams.

To win them all you have to do is come up with another name for the colour of either of the bars. The harder I laugh the more likely you are to win a set. I’ll draw it next Friday the 11th. Entries need to be posted here in the comments section under this post and its only open to people  with a New Zealand address.

Oh and the Kash Money and Green Monster colours don’t just stop with the bars’; you can get Atlas cranks in these colours too.

We won’t be giving be these bad boys away though, you’ll have to hit up your local shop for Atlas crank love.

Image Gallery (9 Photos)

  • James Dean

    Goldsteen and Shrek

  • thelongwalk

    Bubbles and Chromed Kermit

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Yuretich/100001268742991 Tony Yuretich

    copper plumbing and bling envy

  • Nick Ferigo

    Gold Digger and Nandor Tanczos

  • mike

    fiecies brown and upchuck lime… ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=689594127 Paul Jennings

    Gold fingerer and knuckle deep

  • tall beast

    ‘hoick a lurgie green’ and ‘damn, missed a bit brown’

  • Hoz

    subfloor plumbing and tattooed frog??

  • Big G

    L&P n Mountain Dew

  • scanna

    miss piggys revenge,gold finger and kinky frog!!!

  • NickT

    ponsonby drainpipe and sodasteam lime

    • http://twitter.com/SpokeMagazine Spoke Magazine

      And you win for Ponsonby Drainpipe… Flick us an email caleb@firstfloor.co.nz

  • Gary Tayler

    Frog… meet Blender.

    I gold plate my gold!

  • velocipedestrian

    Green Gross-er and Lager Lout

    • http://twitter.com/SpokeMagazine Spoke Magazine

      You win… for Green Gross-er… Flick us an email caleb@spokemagazine.com

  • BrenH

    Miners pick & green eyed envy

  • Bradley Leydon

    Shit & Vomit

  • ChurBol

    Grass Stain and Skidmark

  • L.K

    copper coin and green lush

  • Chris Saunders

    Crooked Copper and Teresa Green

  • John Carman

    Snot Rag Green n Bottle Tan Brown

  • Logan W

    Slime’n Cowell and Bobby Brown

  • T-Ha

    Parauri Porn and Mincing Maota

  • Bikeboyb

    Snot Rocket Green & The Golden Handshake

  • Eryn

    nannas freshley pressed nickerbockers
    hulk in my blender

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.frost.908 Daniel Frost

    Copper crush and Lizard lime

  • Paul J

    And the winner is (did I mention I do charity work)……..