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Dodzy Memorial Enduro = Epic (oh and results)

Posted by Caleb Smith on Monday January 28 2013

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Oh my goodness! I think I speak for everyone that attended the first annual Dodzy Memorial Enduro that it was perhaps the single best MTB event ever. If you were thinking about entering and didn’t, well you blew it.

For those that had never worked for NZ Trail Solutions and weren’t too sure exactly what to expect from the trails and the event at Wairoa Gorge, our expectations were shattered. Honestly the trail network is, in my opinion, the single best in the world. Halfway down our first 30 minute descent on Saturday, I was confident it was the best trail I’d ever ridden and they just got better. Given that in my time there I rode probably only 1/4 or maybe even 1/5 of the trails, well you get the picture.

Overall event winner Dom Stulen looking way too casual at the end of stage 2. Photo: Caleb Smith

Here’s the official press release from today.

“Nelson turned on an amazing weekend of weather for the first annual Dodzy Memorial Enduro Mountain Bike race, held in the Wairoa Gorge over the weekend.  Mountain Bikers travelled from as far afield as the USA, UK, Jamaica and Wakefield to sample what some riders were calling the best riding of their lives.  Event organiser Nick Crocker commented “That’s a big call, coming from people who have been riding bikes all around the world. I’m so stoked that everyone is having a great time.”

It was a true multi-national event with entrants from all over the world. Joscha Forstreuter travelled from Germany to take part (and to do bombs!) Photo Caleb Smith

Saturday was spent riding the trails in guided groups allowing riders to get a feel for the challenging terrain.  Today, Sunday, was Enduro race day, and with heavy hitting downhill racers Justin Leov (Trek World Racing), Cam Cole (Yeti), Sam Blenkinsop (Lapierre) in attendance, many armchair pundits expected these three to sweep the podium.  However it wasn’t to be, with Wairoa Gorge trail crew making good use of their local trail knowledge to take the tops spots, first place overall Dominic Stulen, second place Jamie Nicoll, third place Sam Dale.

The over all podium looked like this. Dom Stulen 1st, Jamie Nicoll 2nd and Sam Dale 3rd. Photo Caleb Smith

Dominic commented “Dodzy taught me to ride when I was 13 or 14 in Rotorua, and it’s awesome to win this event in his memory.” Dominic worked on the Wairoa Gorge trail construction crew until recently moving to Canterbury to attend university. “It’s a big surprise for me to be on the top step of the podium today alongside Jamie and Sam.  There’s not much opportunity to train for riding at uni, but I just kept it pinned today and hoped my old bike held together.”

…and the Womens podium looked like this, with Dodzy’s partner Gabby Molloy in 1st, recent Nelson transplant Anka Martin in 2nd and Yeti USA racer Rosara Joseph in 3rd. Rumoúr has it that Anka and Rosara are teaming up for the Speights Summit Super D. Is anyone game enough to take them on? Photo Caleb Smith

Open Women’s winner and partner of the recently killed James “Dodzy” Dodds, Gabby Molloy was emotional on the podium.  “I knew I had to win this today for Dodzy, I really wanted to and I was sooooo nervous sitting there waiting for the results to come in. In my last race run my helmet came loose and I had to stop a couple of times, so I didn’t expect to win, there are some amazing ladies riding this weekend, so I’m relieved and excited to win.”

Click this image for a full list of results.

This was a great first event for the Wairoa Gorge trails, and event organisers hope that next year’s event will be even bigger and better!”

The last section of the 3rd stage zigzagged down a super steep cliff face. The Gorge Road below was the perfect vantage point to watch the final 30 seconds of the race. Photo Caleb Smith

Scott Fellers came to the event from Novato, California via Christchurch and posted a respectable 40th place overall. Photo Caleb Smith

Wellington’s Hadley Boyce represented the capital and logged a solid 28th overall making himself the second fastest rider from the huge contingent that made the trip from the capital. Ruthless Toothless took top Capital honors with 18th! Photo Caleb Smith.

NZ Trail Solutions owner Jeff Carter was a big driving force behind the event, although he took a step back from the organisation to lay down the hammer in the Masters 1 class for a finish of 14th in his class and 43rd overall. Photo Caleb Smith

Now, I had actually planned to race but Saturday didn’t really go to plan so Spoke reviewer and my long time riding buddy Aaron Young stepped in to carry the Spoke flag in our battle with NZMTBR’s Carl Patton. You’ll be pleased to know that Aaron’s smooth silent riding got him to 73rd overall putting us 21 places ahead of that other magazine. Photo Caleb Smith

Oh there was an after party but it was kinda before or in the middle of the event. Gabby gets cosy with Anka and Sven Martin. (Sven you don’t need to lean in, it’s a wide lens.) Photo Caleb Smith


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  1. Oh there was a after party... but it was kinda before or in the middle of the event... Gabby gets cosy with Anka and Sven Martin. (Sven you don't need to lean in, its a wide lens) Photo Caleb Smith
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