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Got Questions?

Posted by Caleb Smith on Tuesday March 26 2013

So we are here in Queenstown for for the Teva Slopesyle and tomorrow we have the opportunity to interview: Kelly McGarry, Conor Macfarlane, Benny Phillips, Chad Kagy, Kurt Sorge Sam Pilgrim, Cam McCaul and Sam Dueck.

This is your chance to ask them the tough questions, leave your question below and we’ll put it to the team tomorrow. Look out for our first Teva Slopetstyle video dropping Wednesday night for the answers.

  • Big G

    Cam McCaul will you invent and lay down a new trick called the hump flip kiwi ?

  • Mark

    How much does fear of injury influence their progression?

  • Mike

    What do you think of this years course?

  • Viking

    Kelly are you Viking?

    • Scotsman

      Viking are you Kelly?

  • Dean

    How many teeth is Sam pilgrim missing?

  • Bloodthirst

    Worst ever slam?

  • Paul g

    Dream run?

  • Timmy

    What’s your current set up?

  • Swinging

    Can you spin both ways and do you swing both ways?

  • BR

    Who are you looking forward to see ride the course?

  • Tim D

    Is the fmb tour still relevant?

  • Guest

    Cam McCaul, how many cans of Rockstar do you normally drink per day?

  • blah

    For Cam. Who’s faster on the DH track, you or Tyler?

  • G Man

    Kelly – Who do you think does the biggest bombs out of everyone in the contest ? Who do you think can eat the most ice creams?