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2013 Teva Slopestyle Practice

Posted by Caleb Smith on Thursday March 28 2013

2013 Teva Slopestyle Practice from firstfloor on Vimeo.

Brett Frew getting his goon on… Photo Caleb Smith

The first day of practice at the 2013 Teva Slopestyle is in the bag. Some heavy stuff went down but tomorrow is going to be a lot more crazy with a bunch of the riders using today to just get a feel for the course.

Conor asked the flair brain trust of Sam Pilgram, Chad Kagy and Teo for a bit of advice… literally minutes later he was stomping them clean. Photo Caleb Smith

Sam Dueck rocking one of his signature superwhips. Photo Caleb Smith

Lewis was taking it easy today but you can expect him to unload his massive bag of tricks tomorrow! Photo Caleb Smith


  • Jono Drew

    music choice is 10/10 for that vid! keep it coming Caleb!