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Remy Absalon vs the Queenstown Mega Avalanche

Posted by Caleb Smith on Tuesday April 9 2013

Sven just found this footage of Remy’s top to bottom Queenstown Bike Festival Mega Avalanche run. It’s long but worth a watch.

  • john c

    awesome footage!

  • rich

    Nice to see Remy Crashes too! tough to see the lines but looks like great fun!

  • froggy

    love the french cussing

  • pete

    Not too many people can pass one of the fittest Enduro racers in the world on an uphill climb like Jamie Nicoll did. And hats off to Wyn for staying in front despite all the push and pedal sections. Good luck for the WC’s this year. fit and healed for a change

  • Tim

    Nice ride Jamie!