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Melrose Fat Tyre Festival – Day 2

Posted by Caleb Smith on Thursday July 4 2013

adelaide 2013-4121

Rossco and Barnie got a little too excited with the early morning light and what lay in store for the Claw’s quarter pipe.

Day 2 of the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival saw a whole bunch more fun go down. It all kicked off for us at about 6am as we picked up Darren Berrecloth and headed off to finish off a massive quarter pipe he’d begun building the previous day with our host Angus. Back in town at 10am we split and headed off in different directions, the Claw to teach kids how to shred the pump track, Ross to stalk a women’s skills clinic (again) and Barnie, well, he just went to shred with his new best friends! As with the first day it kicked off with bacon and eggs in the main street followed by a pretty casual roll out…


With the digger occupied, Barnie grabbed the only other digging implement to lend the Claw a hand…


Angus and OTE founder Troy Rarick discuss line choice and whether Angus’s belt drive hardtail could cope with the Claw’s run in…


Breakfast in the main street. A fiver gets you a solid bacon and egg sammy to kick the day off.


Barnie disappeared in search of his new FAST Aussie mates.

adelaide 2013-4600

He found them… well Gary Paterson at least.

adelaide 2013-4388

adelaide 2013-4520

But the real highlight of day 2 and perhaps the whole weekend was the bicycle speedway challenge. As with so much of Aussie culture they openly stated that they’d stolen this idea from the folks in Rotorua, and just like bowling underarm they were proud of it.

adelaide 2013-4426

It all started out innocent enough but speedway host Troy Rarick let things descend into an Apocalypse Now style chaos in a matter of minutes. Small children were in danger…

adelaide 2013-4419

adelaide 2013-4417

…Directions and courses went out the window and bikes were swapped, most against the original owners’ will…

adelaide 2013-4400

adelaide 2013-4497

And worst of all clothes started coming off… and the bikes kept getting smaller!






Despite the Super D being over the Euro Vision trail had a solid stream of riders all weekend…




adelaide 2013-9844

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  • Tomarse

    Hayden Peter rangitewhetu Barnie, of Ngati wherethefakawe! Wtf up brother from another mother??