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Life in Focus – Lars Schneider

Posted by Caleb Smith on Friday July 19 2013

Episode Five in the Life in Focus Mini Series finds German Staff Pro Lars Schneider and his family touring around the United States in a vintage VW van capturing life on the road and the vibe of the places that they visit. f-stop met up with the Schneider crew in Bryce Canyon, Utah where we get to hear about the trip, van life and camping vibes, and what it’s like becoming a pro outdoor sport photographer in Germany.

Lars Schneider: Photographer, Outdoor Sports, Soul Man, Road Warrior, All Around Great Dude.

Special Thanks to Lars Schneider ( http://www.outdoor-visions.com )
Thanks for the help and the hang to: Jon Thorpe ( http://sojournfocus.com )
Video filmed and edited by Cameron Sylvester
Motion Graphics by Chad Jones
Music: Josh Garrels: Be Set Free
Wesley Jensen: Building Houses
Location: Bryce Canyon, Utah

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.16.53 AM

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  • Respect

    Very cool….did a Utah trip Incl Bryce Canyon in 2006. Spectacular! Our Dodge van nearly broke down in the carpark too. But our baby was still in the oven at that point so the travelling was much easier than for those guys….big ups to them for pulling that off and staying sane (they must have had ear-plugs!)