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Matt Hunter – Forgotten Dirt

Posted by Caleb Smith on Tuesday July 23 2013

Mountain bikers are constantly exploring the world around them, looking for new trails to discover. But as our world shrinks, unridden trail networks are harder and harder to find. In “Forgotten Dirt”, Matt Hunter and a small team of riders travel to the remote Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan on a world first mountain bike expedition to explore trails that are thousands of years old. Ironically, their search for new trails leads to some of the oldest trails on earth.


Search #forgottendirt on Instagram for more behind the scenes photos from the trip.


  • Kerry O’Neill

    Awesome! And http://www.SecretCompass.com was the logistical brain behind getting them out there. Email info@secretcompass.com to plot your own world-first MTB escape…

  • Doug Hamilton

    I think this kind of kills the whole notation of adventure riding. Do we need to film and document everything? There are some of us who actually go and ride in such places with out the film crews and the photographers or the logistics company, riding places that no one has ever ridden before and may well never again. Just some doggy maps and some good survival skills. Not even a phone. Sure we will take some photos our selves to show friends and family, but the real adventure is just being out there on your own.

    • Go there do that

      Probably easier without the entourage of film crews and photogs as well I’d say……don’t recall too much of that getting in the way/dictating the terms on my last few adventure excursions. And all the better for it really. Are we riding for ourselves or our sponsers/what someone else may think of us? Screw that, just go and ride your own dreams. You don’t need an audience to make it valid. Live in the moment and leave the go-pro (etc) at home for a change