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DVS dirt shoes available in the webstore now

Posted by Caleb Smith on Wednesday July 24 2013

The Clip DS NZ RRP$159

Skate shoe giant DVS has a reputation for mixing things up. They make waterproof shoes for kicking it aprés snow activity, they have a specific fixie brand of shoes (cadence), they even made shoes for wake skating once upon a time and now they’re producing a post-moto line of shoes that can pull double duty on the soles of MTB and BMX riders and you can get em in the Spoke shop now. There’s four shoes in the line, one of them is pretty damn ugly so I’ve saved your eyes and opted not to show it to you but the remaining three should find a place in most wardrobes. All the shoes in the DVS Dirt Collection are machine (and water blaster) washable and come with a wash bag. To aid in the drying they feature removable tongues which allow you to quickly wash, wring out and dry. The tongue pocket allows for easy installation and removal. They also feature an incredibly quick drying foam, the porous nature of the foam allows water and air to flow freely through it which makes the drying process a “snap”. Add to this the inner lining and footbed are made from an anti-microbial material which helps prevent the growth of bacteria and other organisms. It’s worth noting that DVS in New Zealand have already put their money where their shoes are and hooked up BMX (well anything on two wheels) superstar Paul Langlands.

The Gavin CT DS NZ RRP$129


The Durham NZ RRP$165

Each shoe comes with a DVS dirt series washing bag

  • Ash

    Are they sticky? How do they rate compared to 5-10’s?

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      There aren’t meant so much for DH but more for dirt jumping and most dirt jumpers i know find 5-10’s way to sticky…

  • Lester

    The Clip looks dope (Very Vans-esqe) but the others make me spew a little in the mouth.

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      yeah, you should have seen the one i left off… but i’m sure there a one or two bogan spoke readers out there… The Gavin inthe flesh is pretty cool, but yeah the Clip wins it…

  • http://www.facebook.com/aidan.forrest Aidan Forrest

    don’t consider myself a bogan but those militia’s are rad

  • vikki

    I’d always wondered why riding a fixie felt so ridiculous, now I realise it’s just because I didn’t have the right ugly vegan shoes…

  • Shitty

    The Clip looks good, the rest not so much. Would love to see the one you left out!