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Rotorua gets yet another flow trail!

Posted by Caleb Smith on Monday July 29 2013

The new look Rotorua trail network just took another positive step with the new Challenge Trail Extension. Graeme Murray snapped these shots and whipped up this little clip to get us excited about travelling up to sample this little family accessible gem. It’s not long and runs from the clearing at the top of nursery road down towards the forestry road intersection. And as you can see from this clip where Graeme is chasing trail builders Adam King and Kurt Lancaster it looks like a whole lot of fun. Kick it off with a run down Corridor, link it into this little puppy and you have one super fun trail. A massive shoutout has to go to the Rotorua MTB club for its consistent trail building activities.

New Trail-2

Rumour has it people are just smashing laps on this thing though getting those immaculate berms bedded in good and proper. I can’t find a Strava link for this new track, but if anyone knows one, post it below and we can embed the leaderboard…

New Trail-3

New Trail-4

New Trail-7

New Trail-8

New Trail-9

  • Brendan VDB

    I need a trip to Rotorua sooooon.

  • Mark Reyes

    I believe the top part has been named Crinkle Cuts on Strava http://app.strava.com/segments/4413687 and the bottom part Potatoe Tops http://app.strava.com/segments/4413786 there is also Potatoe Tops – Rock Drop Exit http://app.strava.com/segments/4413825 Have not seen a segment for top and bottom together though. Hope that helps

  • Steve Mc

    Thats a great looking trail!

  • Sam McIlroy

    Nelson desperately needs an awesome flow trail like this one!

  • Hasely Wayne Lobb

    Awesome track Adam. Can’t wait to ride more of your trails.