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Bigger Wheels and Smoother Tracks

Posted by pieter on Thursday August 1 2013

Hey mate! Check out my new fancy bike; decided to try out those bigger wheels that have lots of suspension. It pretty much removes all of the off-camber, roots and rocks. It’s like it’s all gone and I’m so much faster. It pedals so well up the climbs and then on downhills it makes everything so smooth! You should get those bigger wheels with lots of suspension. I’m unstoppable!

Big Wheels

Hey mate! Have you checked out what they have done to the local track? They removed the lot; off-camber, roots and rocks, it’s like it’s all gone. It’s so much faster, but way easier! What’s the point? The climb is so easy to pedal up and the downhill is so smooth! You should get those smaller wheels with no travel. The boredom is unstoppable!

  • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

    Pure genius Pieter yet again!

    • Pieter

      Care full you might give him a big head