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Skyline to Invest $75,000 dollars into a new Queenstown trail

Posted by Caleb Smith on Saturday August 3 2013


That’s right as reported in The Southland Times, Skyline are set to make a massive commitment to mountain biking in Queenstown and invest $75,000 in building a new track on Bobs Peak (the bikepark). Check out the full story from the The Southland Times below.

Tourism giant Skyline Enterprises will invest $75,000 in building a new mountainbike trail on Bobs Peak to cater for the boom in Queenstown’s mountainbike tourism industry.

Skyline chief executive Jeff Staniland told The Southland Times the company’s board had voted in favour of the infrastructure spend, after careful consideration.

“Overall, a plan for Queenstown Bike Park was developed a long time ago, but the rollout of that plan has depended on the company seeing if the park was generating a decent amount of business to support ongoing investment,” he said.

While so far unnamed, the track would be ready for the Bike Park’s 2013-14 season. Queenstown Bike Park is the only gondola-assisted downhill mountain bike track in the southern hemisphere.

The beginner-intermediate track will begin at the halfway clearing on Hammy’s Track and traverse across the main face of the peak before cutting down to the gondola’s lower terminal.

“The track will be wide – allowing faster riders to pass slower riders – and have features.

“Some of the steeper existing tracks will bisect it, which will open up the whole trail network. There is a future view that it will link other tracks as they develop too.”

The Bike Park, and the many other trails developed and maintained by the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, had really put another feather in Queenstown’s cap as an innovative tourism destination, Mr Staniland said.

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  • Rider

    Yeah hope too!

  • QT rider

    one beginner track from halfway for $75000 sounds a bit steep to me! What about putting in a few harder tracks at some point, or are they just going to leave that up to the riders to make private tracks up there that end up way better then their $75000 one.

  • chch rider

    damn for $75k ill get up there and build it with a shovel, thats way too much money for a track that only goes from halfway, when you conisder almost all the tracks in the bikepark were build illegally by local riders for their own enjoyment.

    that being said, im stoked to hear there will be a new track 😀

  • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

    So for the first time in a long while I’ve had to delete and moderate a few comments on this post. Here at spokemagazine.com we don’t require you to sign in or to provide a working email address, but we expect the site to be a place where people don’t make personal attacks on others. So lets keep it clean and free from personal vendettas please.

  • Dingo Dave

    Awesome to hear. $75K is pretty is cheap – mountain bikers typically have no idea what infrastructure costs – you have to go through the right channels and that costs money.

  • Marcos Roberto Formento

    Awesome news !,its gonna open room for a much wider kind of riders,but perhaps longer waiting times

  • Mark

    $75k may sound like a lot for some – but if you consider it will be professionally built it doesn’t cover too much.

    Lets say a team of 4 skilled trail builders – all earning gross $50 p/h (there may be a parent company in there demanding a margin, plus other costs like ACC, work gear etc.)

    That is $8,000 per week. Assuming $15k for materials and machinery (probably more – anyone built a fence lately?)

    That equates to about 8 weeks work.

    Now I’m no trail builder, but building a sustainable trail a couple of km’s long to a high standard with ‘features’ in just a couple of months may seem ambitious.

    You could always throw more workers at it, but that’s dollars.

    …but like I say, I’m not trail builder. And if they don’t spend all the money, then awesome!

  • Doug Hamilton

    That bit about Skyline being the only gondola assisted mountain bike park in the southern hemisphere, that’s not true sorry. Argentina has at least one, maybe more this coming summer in Chile too.
    All good for the bike park though. Keep it coming.

    • Sam Till

      But are they technically bikeparks? I have a feeling that some sneaky lawyering has happened here xD They could just be gondolas that can take bikes up and have some DH trails, maybe not a “bikepark”.