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First Look: Giant gets all 650b

Posted by Caleb Smith on Monday August 5 2013

This is kind of old news, but some of you may not have read it just yet. I was waiting for an actual press release to arrive but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. Anyway the above video kinda spells it all out. Giant have put their eggs in the medium sized wheel basket, and going off some of the info floating around the internet that’s ALL of their eggs; where most companies are planning on keeping 29 and 650b it seems that Giant might just kick the 29er wheel size to the curb as well.


The 140mm travel 2014 medium wheeled Trance

Giant have a full range overview and tech breakdown on their website here for the Trance

Either way the bikes look pretty cool, and by all accounts ride amazingly well. Although there is one line in this video that I have real trouble with, at 1.10 when Adam Craig says that it’s all about how they race; hold up! Now I’m not basing this on any stats here (well maybe I am) but I’m pretty sure SPARC (Sport and Recreation New Zealand) claim that over 200,000 people mountain bike. Maybe 1200 people race the Karapoti each year and oh, I don’t know, 160 people enter a Nationals series event. Let’s say 2000 Kiwis actively race, that’s around 1%. You’d have better luck comparing porn sex to real sex.


The Trance SX is a pretty exciting little bike, medium sized wheels, 140mm out back and a 160mm/140mm Talas up front…

Anyhow Adam just should have said this new wheel size is more fun, then it would have applied to the other 99% of mountain bikers that don’t race.


The 100mm travel 2014 medium wheeled Anthem

Giant have a full range overview and tech breakdown on their website here for the Anthem


XtC Advanced medium wheeled Team

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  • Whisky

    No Reign? Theres a definite gap in that line up. You gotta hope they are working on something with a bit more legs than a trance.

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      There is a 26″ Reign in the line up as well as a 26″ Glory … They just aren’t new.. And Giant have said they probably wont be there next year.

    • celtickiwi

      Try the Trance SX

  • gumby

    racey gears to go wee wee wee all the way home.

  • suspension is for DHers

    pfaah! 650b will never catch on. the big companies will never let it happen.