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A year round chairlift accessed mountain bike park in Christchurch?

Posted by Caleb Smith on Monday September 9 2013


Not to sound like dicks, but we’ve known about this park for a little while, and we weren’t really supposed to say anything. However it seems that word is now out that the folks at Select Evolution Developments are well underway in the planning process for a 365 day a year, quad chairlift-accessed Gravity Mountain Bike Park in Christchurch. The Christchurch Adventure Park (as it’s tentatively titled) will be the first of its kind in the world, as all other lift-accessed MTB parks either don’t run year-round or share their hill with a skifield. The whole thing isn’t 100% written in stone but things appear positive (especially for ex staff of NZ Trail Solutions).We will be telling you a bit more about it in issue 55 of Spoke due out February.

Spoke will be presenting all the facts once we can, but at the moment rumours are just that, and may harm potential planning hurdles.

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  • rod

    yeah right this is so going to happen. next thing you’ll be telling us that 650b wheels will be on DH bikes.

  • gumby

    There goes the neighborhood.