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X Fusion Revel turns single crown forks upside down

Posted by Spoke Magazine on Thursday September 12 2013

x fusion

USD (upside down) forks have been around in dual crown downhill forks for years, and now X Fusion has introduced their take on the platform for an enduro/all-mountain/trail fork dubbed the Revel. It’s debuting at Interbike next week, but what we know now is it will be for 650b and 29inch wheels, travel 140 – 160mm (650B), 120 – 140mm (29”), 20mm LockX thru-axle, 34mm stanchion tubes and proven HLR twin tube damper. X Fusion say they “can guarantee the Revel is in no way “flexy”. The patented Gold-E-Lock System does not allow for any twisting of the legs and the USD design puts the most mass at the weakest point of any traditional style fork (below the crown). This fork is laterally and torsionally stiffer than any of the traditional style 36mm chassis on the market” and are touting it as “the best trail/enduro fork ever made” so it will be interesting to see how it rides hopefully soon…

  • Zane

    Oooh. Upside down forks… I have experienced some of these over the years. Will be interested in long term testing and their seal integrity.

    • bill

      if there anything like there motorcross brothers, they’ll be blowing seals left right and centre, but they’ll ride nice soo….

  • Jamie Hamilton

    X-fusion are a great company that make awesome forks, lets see more of them here in NZ I say