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Santa Cruz presents Simple Machines #2

Posted by Caleb Smith on Friday September 13 2013

Dan Barham and Seb Kemp bring it in this freaking rad clip showcasing Santa Cruz’s new medium wheeled single pivot Heckler. Given Seb’s disdain for the new wheel size I’m guessing he may have had the taste of vomit in his mouth during the filming process, but the end result is possibly the best medium wheeled advertisement I’ve seen so far…



  • tallbeast

    thought seb had full sleeve tattoo?? did he have it removed?

    • Caleb

      Seb and dan made the movie

  • LRoy

    I’m with Tall. I think that might be Craig Wilson and Jason Tarbet?

    • LRoy

      But, great vid and nice to see Goat Gully being shred on trail bikes. I’ve seen that trail wreck quite a few bigger bikes and riders.