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Race of Milk and Honey

Posted by Spoke Magazine on Thursday October 3 2013

The Milk and Honey Race is a unique concept, one I could get into, being a dirty roadie and all. You ride your road bike up the Takaka Hill, then descend on your mountain bike on the Rameka Track, among others… get your twin fixes in one hit!

Rob Dawson has made a 25min doco based on last year’s race, and the trailer above gives you an idea of the coolness and toughness of the race. Definitely want to try this one…

It’s on Labour Day weekend, and all the details are here…

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  • Go the dirty roadies!

    I’ll own up to being a dirty roadie from way back when. Last did this loop in the winter of 2004. Parked at the top then had the climb to finish in the rain. Woulda been better to swap to the road bike if I’d had the option! Took about an hour up on the fat tyres from memory. Great climb and a sweet descent though. Superb concept for a race. Would be well worth doing some time. Will sure be an iconic experience.

  • Colin Robertson

    Did it last week and two weeks before, i prefer to ride up on the gravel and the singletrack, much more fun than doing half of it on tarmac. Wouldn’t pay to do it though. I don’t understand why people pay to race things they can always ride…it’s all about the riding.

  • Rob K

    Makes karapoti look like a walk in the park, I raced it yesterday. Got totally dropped in the top part of the Rameka. Fell down 2 big raveens after loosing it in the uber slippery rooty rocky sections. My fault for not doing a recce, riding the trail blind was entertaining for those overtaking me. Will I go back? Hmm more likely to just to tick it of the must do races list. Thanks El Jeffe for the suggestion to take the intense fully, made the downhill all worth while, just…