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Ride Rotorua’s Top Ten trails: Part 1 – Te Tihi o Tawa

Posted by Caleb Smith on Tuesday October 15 2013

Now you’ll have to excuse the two giggling little Aussie girls in this video but Ride Rotorua and Graeme Murray are working on a project to attract more Aussies from across the ditch to Rotorua. Over the next 10 weeks they’ll be dropping a new video each week which showcases one trail and at the same time a local legend. For the first one we get Gary ‘Gaz’ Sullivan showing us the best way to start Billy T and that’s with Te Tihi o Tawa. It’s worth noting that Graeme Murray filmed each one of these clips in just three hours!

  • timjim

    I had to mute that after about 15 seconds….

  • Sam McIlroy

    Pffft, Aussies…..

  • Mark

    Awesome trail. And when can I get some of those shorts in the bolder primary colours like Graham had on his computer screen?

  • Gav

    hehehe wooooh! hehehe woooooh!!! Gaz myt have been slowing em up a tad but fucked if I’d let a digger infront of me on those trails *Deano