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I Don’t Understand – Dirt Jumping

Posted by pieter on Wednesday November 13 2013

I don’t understand why there are so many dirt jump stops on the FMB tour when BMX goes bigger and harder.

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  • NotReligious

    the same could be said for Jesus vs God

    • Brett S Kennedy

      Neither FMB or BMX exist?

  • Lester

    i concur.

  • Jimmy Carling

    So because BMXers go “bigger and harder”, mountain bikers shouldn’t dirt jump? Bizarre statement. Sounds like someone’s got their knickers in a twist about big bikes! Can’t we just all get along?!

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      i don’t think hes saying they shouldn’t jump, just that theres a lot of DJ stops on the tour… like a lot… does the FMB need more slope/big mountain events?

    • Pieter

      Not having a go at dirt jumpers, getting along, or fun. Just a comment on the professional level of the sport.

      Besides; I where briefs not knickers.

  • Doug Peters

    I see nothing in this video that I haven’t seen pulled on a DJMTB – not sure what you mean by bigger/harder comment. Also, out of the twenty events rated silver or above on the FMB tour, there are only four dirt jump events. I hardly think that counts as ‘so many’ does it?

    If anything I think the only Big Mountain event on the FMB tour (Rampage) shouldn’t be an included stop – it’s such an odd one out, and definitely big enough to be run on it’s own.