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New Bobby Goldsbury T-Shirt – Pre orders available now!

Posted by Caleb Smith on Friday November 22 2013

Bobby-Goldsbury's_FINALWe’ve just done a deal with legendary mountain bike guide Bobby Goldsbury to market his latest T-Shirt which celebrates the fact that on one of his expeditions you may spend more time walking than riding. The blank tees were dropped off at the screen printers this afternoon and should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Pre-orders are available now in the web-shop. And our 20% off Christmas sale on T-Shirts applies!


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  • Ricky Pincott

    Is Bobby Goldsbury Hoz’s other name???

    • Head for the hills

      Damn! My cover’s blown…….will have to re-invent myself yet again!

  • LR

    Proudly sponsored by ‘The King’s prime luncheon sausage’?