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I Don’t Understand: XC Racers and Dropper Posts

Posted by Spoke Magazine on Wednesday February 19 2014

There’s nothing funny about crashing (as this video suggests), but seriously, why do XC racers still insist on making every downhill a game of Russian Roulette with a seat jammed up their arse/stomach/neck? Time to embrace the dropper post and change the game.

Categories: I Don't Understand

  • bert_hi

    maybe more too steep of a head angle..Thoses race looks hardcore for XC, that’s good!

  • Trev

    I’ve seen pictures of a prototype carbon 35mm dropper (maybe KS can’t remember), presumably aimed at these chaps

  • Timjim

    Pretty sure you wouldn’t see Anton Cooper having to get off & run/crash on any of those descents, even without a dropper. Couple of them looked like they just needed a nice lie down & a rest….

  • Peter Witheyman

    They seem to be hung up on that funny body hugging attire also?????

    • Rob King

      Baggy is all well and good until you catch your shorts on the nose of your saddle at the wrong time.

  • Jonty

    Don’t worry, the UCI will ban them and insist on steeper/more dangerous “television friendly” descents.

    Then Red Bull will sponsor it.

  • shamballs

    that is some good shit right there . why try and stop them ?