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I Don’t Understand: XC Racers and Dropper Posts

Posted by Brett S Kennedy on Wednesday February 19 2014

There’s nothing funny about crashing (as this video suggests), but seriously, why do XC racers still insist on making every downhill a game of Russian Roulette with a seat jammed up their arse/stomach/neck? Time to embrace the dropper post and change the game.

Categories: I Don't Understand

  • bert_hi

    maybe more too steep of a head angle..Thoses race looks hardcore for XC, that’s good!

  • Trev

    I’ve seen pictures of a prototype carbon 35mm dropper (maybe KS can’t remember), presumably aimed at these chaps

  • Timjim

    Pretty sure you wouldn’t see Anton Cooper having to get off & run/crash on any of those descents, even without a dropper. Couple of them looked like they just needed a nice lie down & a rest….

  • Peter Witheyman

    They seem to be hung up on that funny body hugging attire also?????

    • Rob King

      Baggy is all well and good until you catch your shorts on the nose of your saddle at the wrong time.

  • Jonty

    Don’t worry, the UCI will ban them and insist on steeper/more dangerous “television friendly” descents.

    Then Red Bull will sponsor it.

  • shamballs

    that is some good shit right there . why try and stop them ?