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2014 Mt Vic Super D Gallery and results

Posted by Caleb Smith on Sunday March 30 2014


Ed Crossling didn’t even take Cowboy’s hotline though this rooty section; just think, he could have shaved a few more seconds off!

Now I’m no Sven Martin, so there’s no audio clips with this post, and as I was out on the track most of the day, I have little or no idea what went down. I can tell you though that after three years of trying, Ed Crossling finally took the win over a super fast field. Also Jack Compton, after coming second to Eden Cruise, came up with a suitable nickname for the Wunderkid, and that is the massively appropriate Manchild. Eden, or Manchild, slayed the junior class with a time that put him 4th overall behind DH and XC royalty. So for the rest of this post I’m just going for a gallery/caption type of thing. If you want a high-res of your photo for personal use (Facebook/Instagram/to show your mum – NOT FOR SPONSORS) then head over here and download away. Results are here.


Eden Cruise showing everybody what indeed is up!


Although it’s mostly down, the Mt Vic Super D course has a couple of pinch climbs thrown in. Sarah Atkin’s legs weren’t quite the match for a former World Bike Messenger Champion, with Jenna Makgill taking the win by 22.1 seconds. This isn’t a photo of Sarah climbing!


Speaking of Bike Messenger Champions, some of you may have forgot that Jenna also slayed DH courses back in the day.



Last year a few people, including Cowboy, found a sweet-as high-line through this section. Today only the man himself was game enough and damn he made it look easy. Between here and the finish line Cowboy had a moment, but it wasn’t enough to keep him off the hotly contested Masters 1 podium where he landed in 3rd and 14th overall.


Pretty much every time I pointed my camera at Leighton Lancaster the dude looked fast and easily the most stylish rider on the hill today. Unfortunately for Leighton, steez doesn’t get you on the podium, it just gets you three successive photos on spokemagazine.com.




I don’t know how John Jacob does it. Ali Quinn (pictured) looked faster, but that didn’t stop John from sneaking up and taking the Masters 2 title and the 9th fastest time on the day!


And in typical Whiskey Mike form, he downplayed his race run only to finish 3rd in senior men and 5th overall. Killing it, and his poor bikes in the process!


Meteorologists seem to always get a bad rep. Given that today was supposed to be sunny you can kinda see why. Well it looks like Tom the Pom channeled that frustration all the way to the the second step of the Masters 1 podium today.


Ash from Bike Wellington should have got some kind of special reward today. She drove shuttles, she got her partner to drive her van for more shuttles, she ran a kids’ Mini D and then to top it all off she went and raced and made the women’s podium in 3rd place! Killing it!

2014 Mt Vic Super D-4497

Oh you want a riding shot of Ash? Here you go. Don’t quite know how she is concealing that leash. Eh Ranger?


And because he’s my son he gets a photo. Elliot sending Rod’s roller a week after crashing down it.


Senior Men Podium: 1st Edwin Crossling, 2nd Miles Davies, 3rd Mike Cowlin


Masters 1 Podium: 1st Weasel, 2nd Tom the Pom, 3rd Cowboy


Open Women: 1st Jenna Makgill, 2nd Sarah Atkin, 3rd Ash Burgess


Juniors (with beards): 1st Eden Crusie, 2nd Jack Compton, 3rd Gregor Wilson


Novice Women (under 16): 1st Isla Day, 2nd Khulan Thumen


Novice Men (under 16): 1st Robbie Bradshaw, 2nd Tom Booker, 3rd Finn van Leuven


Masters 2: 1st John Jacob, 2nd Ali Quin, 3rd Barrie Wallington


Masters 3: 1st Andrew Ship, 2nd Wongsta, 3rd Invisible Dave Carlyon

     Below are the overall results from my phone, will post PDF once results are live…results-1 results-2

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  • Mark

    Nice work Caleb.

  • Doug Hamilton

    Is that all 3 masters 1 men winners on Commencal? Smart boys.