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Specialized get all covert on your arse

Posted by Caleb Smith on Tuesday April 8 2014

Specialized-swatToday is a bad day for Spoke columnist Rod Bardsley. Not only did the whole MTB world find out that his wide wheels were soon going to be readily available for everyone, but it seems that Specialized are a few steps ahead of Rod’s new found love of Bum Bags/Fanny Packs/ Enduro Hip packs. See that photo up there? Well it looks a little funny right? Like, what’s up with his shirt? Well it seems the question should be, ‘What’s up his shirt?’ and you could also follow that with, ‘What’s up his shorts?’64214-3802-MtnLinerSrtSWAT_M_blk-hyp_BACK_l

Specialized have come up with an idea so cunning you could put a tail on it an call it a weasel. It’s called SWAT and the idea is to put pockets on your liners. Told you it was simple. For the undershort there are two thigh pockets at the bottom of the liner, perfect for a car key, some cash or even a credit card, hell you could even hide something more sinister if you were that way inclined (just imagine if Specialized were a skate or snow company it would be called a stash pocket, for your stash). Anyway it’s a cool idea to free up your shorts right?


And there’s a nice women’s coloured and fitted one as well. But I can hear you saying “I can’t fit anything in those tiny pockets…” 64214-3903_MOUNTAIN-BIB-LINER-SHORT_BLK-HYP-GRN_BACK_l

Well that’s where the bib shorts come in. Not only are they rocking the lower thigh pockets but they’re sporting three rear pouches, big enough for a small bottle, tools and even a pump, and then your shirt goes over the top and you save yourself from looking like a stand up paddleboarder!

As you can see from the comments below the Bibs are in stores now and retail for $120 and shorts will be in stores later in the week and will retail for $100. Hopefully we can track a pair down for review.

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  • Jay

    We have the bibs in stock now at iride 😉

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      And the price on those Jay?

      • rodfather

        its a good day for me boss.

      • Jay

        Hey Caleb, Swat Bibs- $120 and Swat Shorts – $100

      • Jay

        The shorts are going to be instore this week

  • janne

    Been riding the ‘relaxed fit’ liners with Specialized Trail pants. Way comfy and no visble blisters. Only one tool gonna be in my liners though… And that’s not a pump…

  • rodfather

    hahahahahahahahaha…ha….i rest my case to all you doubters of superwide rims, just look at the video on the Ibis site

    • anon

      What brand and model are you using? they have held up well?

  • Jay

    Shorts have had great feedback so far. Closer view of the SWAT BIB with some things in it: https://www.facebook.com/iRideWellington/photos/a.122877001102510.19391.122875677769309/691027447620793/?type=1&theater

  • mikephunn

    I’ve ridden these a couple of times and was surprised how comfortable they are and how much you can fit in them.

  • LR

    I might have to start wearing riding shorts . . . . Or maybe I can customise my Y-Fronts.

  • andew

    Damn the dyslexia, I read that as TWAT first, not SWAT. So definitely not the first if you go with LR’s idea.

  • Paul Smith

    You know that people have been making bib shorts with leg pockets for years, right?

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      Paul, I’m not a regular bib short wearer (so no i didn’t), and i’ve never seen brief liners with pockets… plus those back pockets on the bibs are what its all about…

      • Paul Smith

        Oh, the lab gear / eleven.cc bibs have rear pockets too. At least my 4 year old ones do. Perhaps they should have patented them, then they could go sue Specialized, right 😉

        • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

          i see what you did there…

  • anon –

    “Innovate or die” =/= sew pockets in bib shorts