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Medium-specific Trails

Posted by Spoke Magazine on Saturday June 7 2014

Te Miro looks to the future (which is now) and upgrades their trails to Buzzword standard. It’s the place to ride if you’re on medium wheels. Shouldn’t be long before the rest of NZ follows…

  • Tron Dog

    I have a 26.75in trail dog and a 31.5in trail dog. What compatibility issues am I likely to encounter? Will these dogs be able to run these trails at all?

    • Enduro-Camera-man

      Unfortunately, the dogs will have to go to Enduro Camp to be able to correctly train their legs to cope with the new berm radius. However, if you feed them Enduro-Specific 650b dog food, that should help.

  • Doug H

    So if one is riding a 26″ wheeled bike, will that make these trails seem boring with long slow corners and over sized berms to help get those medium size wheeled bikes around them? Keep em’ tight, I say. Nothing worse than dumbed down trails.