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The Santa Cruz NZ Enduro could be the best race of all time!

Posted by Caleb Smith on Wednesday July 2 2014


Rob Eva on the Opouri Saddle descent which will be stage one on the second day of racing! Photo: Caleb Smith

Holy Shit! Really that is the only appropriate way to begin this post, because Ian Goldschmidt has just put together an Enduro event so damn rad that it will rival the Trans Provence. He is just about to release the dates for 2015 but read on for all the other relevant info at hand.


Adam Diggle on stage three of the second day of racing, still on Nydia Bay track, this day is going to be intense with little surprise drops like this as well as moss covered rocks waiting to take you down. Photo: Caleb Smith

The event will be a three day, eight stage affair following the Enduro World Series format. The event is based in sunny Marlborough and will include stages on the best all-mountain trails in New Zealand, possibly the world. Day one starts on Friday 13th March at midday on the Mount Robertson Loop track (700m) out of Whites Bay. Day two will be Nydia Bay including timed stages off Opouri saddle (520m), Nydia Saddle (347m), Kaiuma saddle (387m). Day three moves to the Wakamarina track and will include an incredible helicopter shuttle to Fosters Hut on the Wakamarina with three timed stages and approximately 1200m of singletrack descent.


Excuse the dated photo of Mark Weir but day three is going to be my highlight for sure. Shuttled to the top (well the first one) of the Wakamarina track via a helicopter, three of the most fun stages of all time will await you, as well as the finish line and cold beer! Photo: Caleb Smith

Dates will be set to fit in the busy mountain bike event calendar and will squeeze in with the ever popular Craigieburn enduro and the Queenstown Bike Fest enduro. The event organiser Ian Goldschmidt (part of the www.Coppermine.co.nz team) is promoting Havelock as a central location for racers to organise accommodation and base themselves for the event. The race is limited to 100 lucky riders and entry will open at 6am Monday the 1st of September. Department of Conservation Concession is still pending but is expected to be granted in the next few weeks.


The uplift vehicle for the final day! Photo: Caleb Smith

For more details as they become available and the chance to win a free entry, check out www.facebook.com/NZEnduro


Adam Diggle on the lower sections of the Wakamarina track. Photo Caleb Smith

This video is basically an advert for the event. Most of this clip is of days two and three!

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  • Ben Wilde

    Looks stunning, what an awesome idea.

  • Bryce Lyall

    AWESOME those trails are frickin’ rad.

    • http://www.spokemagazine.com Caleb Smith

      remember that one time…

      • Bryce Lyall

        That one time you wore a mouldy old jersey we found in a hut?

  • Zane

    My favourite trails. Nice photo of the hell with me holding court Caleb!

  • Ourdne

    I love these trails but disagree with allowing racing on them. Please, just leave them for trail riding.

    • jon

      One day out of 365 with a limited amount if racers will not ruin or take away from the trail riding aspect. Trail riding is not much different from racing, just add two clocks.

    • Sounds Ryder

      Agreed. Anyone who has ridden a track the day before, and the day after, a race can attest to the fact that the wear and tear of racing is significantly greater than trail riding is on a track.