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Author: Brett S Kennedy

Ode to Trail Fairies

0 By on Monday June 9 2014 in Exclusives

Conor Macfarlane finds the Trail Fairies and salutes the great work they do…   You know those twisty, bermed, flowy paths that run through the hills all over the world? Well, it’s common knowledge that trail fairies materialise when we’re not around and maintain these paths we… More ›

Medium-specific Trails

3 By on Saturday June 7 2014

Te Miro looks to the future (which is now) and upgrades their trails to Buzzword standard. It’s the place to ride if you’re on medium wheels. Shouldn’t be long before the rest of NZ follows… More ›

Vancouver Island Discs: Brett

1 By on Friday June 6 2014

When this concept of five discs to see you through the long, lonely days on a singletrack-infested island came to fruition, I thought it would be a doddle, a walk in the park to pick a selection worthy of constant high-rotation. How wrong I was.… More ›

Downtime with Stevie Smith

0 By on Friday June 6 2014

Stevie Smith returns to the World Cup circuit this weekend at Fort William after breaking his ankle in Queenstown earlier this year at the SRAM DH launch. His rehab program was a bit out of the ordinary to say the least… More ›

Zerode Needs You!

1 By on Wednesday June 4 2014

  Zerode Bikes DH race team are getting some great results on the Euro circuit, but they need your help to get their Elite racers Rupert Chapman and Fionn Griffith to all of the remaining World Cups and the World Champs. Of course, you get something… More ›

EWS 2 Results *And photos

0 By on Monday June 2 2014 in Racing

Results are in from Peebles, Scotland for the 2nd round of the Enduro World Series. Justin Leov killed it for 2nd place, while Rosara Joseph and Meg Bichard had great rides for 6th and 7th respectively. Nico Lau and Tracy Moseley held onto their overnight leads… More ›

Sagan gets dirty

0 By on Saturday May 31 2014

Not only is he one of the fastest road racers in the world, Peter Sagan can handle a mountain bike pretty well too. Here he goes for a spin in the city and on the trails with Cannondale cohort Marco Fontana, and in typical Sagan… More ›

Quite Nice Beer

0 By on Friday May 23 2014

On our Friday arvo beer/lunch run today we almost bought this Wakachangi beer because of its slogan “Quite Nice Beer” and its faux-wood crate. After seeing their pisstake of the Speights ad, we wish we did… More ›

Vancouver Island Discs: Joel

0 By on Friday May 23 2014

Joel Bamford is a Pommy import who moved to Wellington a few years ago and has been infiltrating the trails ever since… if you were trapped on Vancouver Island with him, you probably wouldn’t know he’s there, until he suddenly appeared at another ride demanding beer… More ›