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Author: Caleb Smith

A love letter to Flite’s carbon wheels

6 By on Wednesday May 20 2015

A while back you may remember when Brett and I visited Wheelworks’ Lyall Bay workshop and watched as Gavin and Tristan worked their magic and laced up a beautiful set of carbon Derby rims to some very rad Chris King hubs. If you can’t remember,… More ›

Life Beyond Walls – New Zealand Episode 2

0 By on Wednesday May 13 2015

After long days of dodging bad weather, the Smith team headed up the pass through the Southern Alps towards the Canterbury high country, the home of popular winter ski fields just outside of Christchurch and some epic mountain bike terrain. More ›

Scott add USA shredder Ryan Condrashoff to roster

0 By on Wednesday May 13 2015

Scott are finally making some great decisions when it comes to what riders they are utilising to push their US and global profile. Following on from the very wise signing of US rider Neko Mulally they have now added all round ripper Ryan Condrashoff to… More ›


0 By on Tuesday May 12 2015

VIA FERRATA is a short film about the first descent of a fixed-rope climbing-route on a mountain bike. Christoph Thoresen filmed the ride in the amazing Brenta Dolomites with a drone. Bocchette Alte was not ridden. “I honestly don’t want to do this ride again.… More ›

Must Watch: In the know with Jerome Clementz

2 By on Saturday May 2 2015

In typical Jerome Clementz form, this video is faultless… somehow his riding just straddles that balance between achievable and out of reach at the same time. That in my opinion is the perfect clip, one where you can maybe see yourself, just going one third… More ›