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Author: Caleb Smith

443 Builds new jump track off Snow Farm

0 By on Tuesday January 13 2015

I’d heard stories that the Wanaka’s 443 boys had put in a new jump line lower on the Snow Farm access road. This QBT video though provides the proof. The jumps and hips look amazing, although it appears you will need to bring your pedal… More ›

Makara gets new digger built trail

10 By on Friday January 9 2015 in Exclusives

About an hour ago I offended the Kennett Brothers. It wasn’t intentional and I have apologised… But in my offending I learned a couple of things about Makara that I’ve conveniently forgotten over the last 15 or so years. You see, I was going to… More ›

Kieran Bennett signs with Santa Cruz New Zealand

0 By on Thursday January 8 2015

This is some cool news! Here at Spoke we’ve been following Kieran Bennett’s career since he first appeared in the early pages of Spoke as a 14-year-old! Well he’s come a long way, having raced internationally at World Cup level and spent time as one… More ›

Scott adds Neko Mulally to the team

0 By on Thursday January 8 2015 in Racing

It’s news that most knew already but as of today it’s official. Neko Mulally is now riding for the Scott/Gstaad team. For the Scott/Gstaad team though it’s been a matter of out with most of the old and in with the new with Emilie Siegenthaler,… More ›

Incoming: 2015 GT Sanction

0 By on Tuesday January 6 2015 in Exclusives, New products

Craig “Cowboy” McGinnity  is not easy on bikes. He’s raced and killed it on the downhill scene, he’s shredded BMX on street and dirt and as anyone who’s ridden with him recently will attest, he absolutely kills it on a trail bike and can carry more… More ›

Santa Cruz get new Aussie distributor

0 By on Tuesday January 6 2015

In an interesting move Australian and New Zealand based distributor Lusty Industries has picked up Santa Cruz bikes. It appears it’s just for Aussie only. This should come as welcome news to all of you across the ditch with the high-end brand being pretty damn… More ›

Eagle vs Shark vs Lisa Horlor

1 By on Monday December 22 2014 in Exclusives

Eagle vs Shark is a cult classic New Zealand movie, released in 2007 and featuring actors Loren Horsley and comedian Jemaine Clement. This movie is not that movie. If you haven’t seen it, well you probably should rent it on iTunes tonight, with your partner…or… More ›

Cactus release new bike pack the Nort

0 By on Thursday December 18 2014

Cactus have made some of the best bike backpacks of all time in the Henry and the Zero (review below) but they have just updated the lineup with the new Nort pack and produced this funky little video to show just how much you can… More ›

Incoming: Shimano M200 shoes

0 By on Wednesday December 17 2014 in New products

Back in 2012 Shimano released the M162 shoe. Over the last few years it’s become a bit of a sleeper hit with aggressive trail riders who didn’t want the bulk of Shimano’s actual All Mountain shoe (the AM45, which was actually more like a DH… More ›

Martyn Ashton: Year One

2 By on Wednesday December 17 2014

Unless you live under a rock (that same rock that I’m always talking about) you should know who Martyn Ashton is. In case you don’t, he’s one of the greatest trials riders of all time and like Akrigg and MacAskill he recently garnered a fair… More ›

Crankworx is Coming – Rotorua 2015

1 By on Friday December 12 2014 in Racing

Mountain Bike Rotorua, EIVOMEDIA and Skyline Rotorua present the venue for the inaugural Southern Hemisphere event, Crankworx. Check out the ambassadors (Louis Hamilton, Lisa Horlor and Matt Walker) of Crankworx Rotorua as they rip up the trails of Skyline Gravity Park. Crankworx is definitely coming!… More ›