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Author: Caleb Smith

DirtTV Enduro World Series Tweedlove | Race Day 2

0 By on Tuesday June 3 2014

The racing is done here at Tweedlove for the World Enduro and Dirt caught all the action from the final four stages. With many riders feeling the difference between these stages and the other European, North American and Canadian rounds this race definitely threw out… More ›

Cam McCaul’s The Pile movie is live now

0 By on Friday May 30 2014

Mountain biker Cam McCaul and builders Alex Reveles, Jeff Herbertson, and Kyle Jameson transform a mundane pile of dirt into a mountain biking and dirtjumping work of art. “Dirt seems like almost garbage to most people. It’s the stuff we walk on, it’s under our… More ›


0 By on Friday May 30 2014

Jumps are getting bigger, tricks are evolving further, and the slopestyle and dirtjumping crowd needs a fork that facilitates this progression. Enter Pike DJ: little brother to the award-winning Pike. With the stout 35mm chassis, it’s light enough to boost higher, stiff enough to shred… More ›

Nino Schurter gets X Stream

6 By on Monday May 26 2014

If yesterday’s World Cup winner Nino Schurter wasn’t your favourite cross-country racer already (behind Anton and Sam of course) then he will be after this intense little clip from Oakley on board his Genius LT. That’s if you don’t go into an strobe-induced fit first. More ›

Big is Better: Aggy’s reunion highlight video

0 By on Friday May 23 2014

The first stop of the FEST series at Aggy’s reunion in Kamloops is done. This is the highlight video of what went down in the event. During the week the riders were sessioning the trails around Kamloops and the jumps that Aggy and Brad Stuart… More ›

Must Watch: How to improve your whips!

0 By on Tuesday May 20 2014

How to improve your whip technique Instructions: Step 1: Improve your technique and accuracy Step 2: Find your plumpest friend and talk it with him seriously. Step 3 : Find a way to record it and stay forever in the story of mankind… Words :… More ›