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Eurotastic 2013: Part 2

3 By on Sunday September 1 2013 in Eurobike 2013

Today is the magical “Public” day where it seems the majority of Germany descends on lil old Friedrichshafen. Its an absoloute gem of a day for people watchers like myself. Seeing as it is a Bike Show, it is only logical that you strut round… More ›

Eurotastic 2013: Part 1

3 By on Friday August 30 2013 in Exclusives

So, here we are at Eurobike, and once again every website under the sun has the latest and greatest produce replicated. I decided that for this year’s Spoke coverage I would simply put up pictures of things that I found interesting, buzzy or just generally… More ›

Andreu Lacondeguy – Downunder

0 By on Wednesday April 3 2013 in Off topic

All round ripper Andreu Lacondeguy was floating around New Zealand last month, and Unit has just dropped this video of him putting several spots we know and love through their paces. Music: kong – Bonobo            indian summer  – Freedom hawk            we could forever – Bonobo More ›

Best $100 investment for your bike?

7 By on Monday March 4 2013 in Exclusives

Gareth Hargreaves is a man on a mission. Well, a mission to make the best trail-building tool ever. I recently got hold of one of these puppies, and was so impressed on all accounts, I had to find out more… Who is Gareth Hargreaves? First two… More ›

Riverhead Super D – 23rd March

0 By on Monday March 4 2013 in Racing

Yusss… Riverhead Super D in a couple of weeks’ time. Last year this event went off, and this year it’s going to be even betterer and massiver because… ummm… the track is longer and there’s a tonne of prizes. The boys at WCRC have done a… More ›

This is your chance Aucklanders

0 By on Tuesday February 12 2013

The Auckland riding scene is currently going off. So it’s of no surprise that a survey has been commissioned to see what YOU, “the people”, want on the horizon. Read the below press release and have your say:   Bike Facility Plan. Visitor Solutions has been appointed… More ›