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Author: Jono Baddiley

Ups and Downs at the Mt Vic Super D

5 By on Tuesday May 12 2015

The Mount Vic Super D is becoming a treasured part of the Wellington race calendar, with riders flocking to the trails running parallel to Alexandra road for a day of shuttle-assisted practice culminating in a timed race run in the afternoon. The event usually happens… More ›

Nelson Codgers Enduro Results

2 By on Wednesday May 22 2013 in Exclusives, Racing

While the world’s MTB media and global community were focused on the Mediterranean and the Italian slopes of Punta Ala yesterday, a crowd of charging Enduro racers were replicating the inaugural Enduro World Series energy at a place called Nelson at the top of the… More ›

Frankly Thursday: Mike The Hippy

5 By on Thursday July 19 2012 in Frankly Thursday

Mike “The Hippy” Williamson has been ripping corners and doing skids since, well, probably before most of you were born. He’s been an integral part of the Wellington digging community for over a decade, so much so that we can’t really do without him. Of course… More ›

Wide Open 2012 Product Launch

2 By on Thursday October 27 2011 in Exclusives

Today the Wide Open product kicks off. Wide Open kingpin Matt Whitaker has shifted the launch from the regular location of Rotorua, and so we’re currently set up in the Copthorne Resort in Queenstown where it’s a clear, sunny day. Tomorrow we head up to… More ›