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Author: Lester Perry

Nine Month Countdown

5 By on Sunday January 13 2013 in Exclusives, Racing

Nine months is both a long time and a short time. On one side of the coin, if you’re recently pregnant or have a pregnant wife, girlfriend or secret lover, then nine months will fly by in a whirlwind of nervous excitement, logistical planning, learning… More ›

A Celebration of James Dodds.

1 By on Saturday September 15 2012 in Exclusives

What a day, what a celebration! On Thursday the wider MTB community, MX crew, friends and family of James ‘Dodzy’ Dodds gathered  in Rotorua to celebrate the life of a Legend. At 10am 100+ riders gathered at the Long Mile Road Gate and after some words… More ›

Conor Mac 2010

0 By on Friday May 13 2011

Earlier this week I put the finishing touches on an upcoming profile on Conor MacFarlane for Spoke Magazine, until that drops, above is a look at his ‘2010 Promo’. Hammers. More ›

OSM x Vertigo x ZERODE

2 By on Friday May 13 2011

A couple of weeks back we got wind that One Square Meal (OSM, the popular food bars made by Cookie Time) were teaming up with Vertigo bike shop in Queenstown to bring the latest in MTB downhill tech (Zerode) to Queenstown MTB Club members. The… More ›


2 By on Wednesday May 11 2011

‘Super D’ style races are the future, just ask anyone who turned up to race Sunday’s Triple Crown event in Rotorua. Full blown XC guys went head to head against full blown DH dudes and full time trail riders over three solid courses. Bikes ranged… More ›


0 By on Tuesday May 3 2011

I haven’t even watched this entirely but just wanted to get it online before Caleb did! Sure it’s worth a watch though as Santa Cruz’s Syndicate team hits the South African World Cup round. More ›


1 By on Monday May 2 2011

It’s Super D season, with Queenstown’s edition last weekend won by Kurt Lancaster, this week’s being ‘Codgers’ in Nelson where Kieran Bennett took the win, then this coming weekend the Rotorua Triple Crown kicks off. Let’s hope this trend continues! Codgers write up (from Nelsonmountainbikeclub.org.nz)… More ›