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Author: Mark Dangerfield

Hardtales 6: Smaller is Simpler

3 By on Tuesday September 16 2014 in HardTales

  For some reason I’ve been following this housing trend around small houses. Only have what you need and everything else is noise. I like this. My house now isn’t big––about 100 square metres. For a family with two growing boys in this day and… More ›

Hardtales #3

14 By on Wednesday May 7 2014 in HardTales

  There was a comment I read in Bike magazine over a decade ago that went something along the lines of “take note of those rocks and roots on the trail – they were put there for you”. What makes us different from our tarmac… More ›

Vertebr.ae gear and brake cable review

0 By on Thursday December 30 2010 in Reviews

I’m all about the go faster. But of all my perusal of product catalogues, new bike stores and what’s online, cable outers barely feature in my reckoning (unless I’m trying to be a fashion victim by colour co-ordinating). Vertebr.ae is a Spanish company run by… More ›