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Prototype Enduro Chainring Setup?

11 By on Monday March 3 2014 in Exclusives

Spy shots are coming in from Jack Cannan’s Trek Remedy 29 of what could only be described as a new Prototype Enduro Specific chainring setup. It looks like it combines both a 32 tooth Wide/Narrow Chain ring and a new 24 tooth Enduro ring. Jack has to… More ›

Me vs Myself vs I

0 By on Monday February 24 2014 in Exclusives

“Morning training ride Pieter” doesn’t like “Evening Pieter” for staying up late being “Watching mountain bike web edits Pieter” on his computer. On Fridays “Midday Pieter” struggles to get his work done and starts to become “Fatigued Pieter” and blames “Week-long training Pieter” for not having… More ›

N+1: the Formula has Changed

1 By on Wednesday February 19 2014

We all know the classic formula for the perfect number of bikes we should own; N+1. With N being the number of bikes we already have. But we now have three different wheels sizes to choose from and each wheel size offering many excellent bikes, so… More ›

Santa doesn’t like giving Bikes for Christmas

1 By on Tuesday December 24 2013

Santa doesn’t like giving Bikes for Christmas. Santa has to fly all around the world delivering nice “little” presents to all the Boys and Girls and all we want are new adult sized Mountain Bikes – you ever think how much space that takes up… More ›

Hey Mate – The Crash Story

0 By on Monday December 16 2013 in Hey Mate

“Hey Mate!! You look like you had a massive crash. Where did that happen?” “Hey Bro! Yeah, it was pretty big. You know where that creek is on Drop Zone?” “The first creek? Or the second one?” “There’s two creeks?” “Yeah they are pretty close… More ›

Hey Mate – Christmas Wheel Size Special

8 By on Monday December 9 2013 in Hey Mate

Hey Mate, try this next time you go into your LBS. Line up a 26 inch, six50b and a 29er trail bike and then count how many times the sales assistant contradicts themself while they try to sell all three bikes at once. The problem… More ›

We are watching you in your LBS….

4 By on Monday November 18 2013

Number One: As you walk into a bike shop, are you aware that you start reviewing everything you see and touch? You generally show your reviewing skills in one of two ways. Either you nod your head with a slight squint in your eyes and look… More ›

Hey Mate – Suspension Setup

3 By on Monday November 11 2013

Hey mate, can you hold up for a second? I need to tune my suspension a little better, the terrain on this track is very different and my bike doesn’t feel like it’s sticking to the ground very good and I’m getting bumped everywhere. I… More ›