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Hey Mate – Girls

2 By on Monday October 28 2013

“Hey Mate, have you been following women’s cycling lately? It’s pretty exciting… Bahaha, nearly got all of that out. Hahaha, women’s cycling in its entirity.” Many years later… “Hey Mate, you’re great and all, and in a mates kind of way, I love you. But… More ›

Why you should run tubeless

6 By on Monday October 21 2013 in Exclusives

A (lame) rant about Tubeless “Who cares if you can run lower pressures, you can dent your rims more easily, especially when the pressure drops in your tyres without you realising, and then you have to buy a new rim or struggle to bead up… More ›

Hey Mate – Magpies

1 By on Monday October 14 2013 in Hey Mate

“Hey Mate, I’m sick of those damn Magpies swooping me every time I ride past. That’s why I’ve attached these zip ties to my helmet, that should stop them when I’m not looking!” “Hey Mate, the zip ties didn’t work! Those DAMN Magpies are still… More ›

Why you should Trail Build

9 By on Monday October 7 2013 in Exclusives

One Saturday morning Larry gave Barry a call to go for their weekly ride. Barry wasn’t too excited that particular morning; he felt like he had been riding the same tracks week in, week out all summer long and was ready for a change. It… More ›

Shops vs Internet vs Customers

12 By on Monday September 23 2013 in Exclusives

“Hey Mate! Check out all the parts I got for my bike from the internet! My bike is going to look pimp. That local bike shop is ripping us off, I bought all of these parts for nearly half the price they quoted me on.… More ›

Why you should have a Dropper Seatpost

24 By on Monday September 9 2013 in Exclusives

Three (lame) excuses why you don’t have a Dropper Seatpost: 1. “It’s too heavy” This is my favourite; the average dropper post weighs around 500 to 600 grams, and a lightweight seatpost weighs around 200grams. What? Your little chicken legs can’t push an extra 300 to… More ›

Dear Winter

6 By on Tuesday August 27 2013

Dear Winter, There is no nice way to say this, so I’ll keep it short; GO AWAY! I thought leaving Summer for you was going to be exhilarating, wet and loose, but instead I am left shivering, cold and covered in mud. Sure it was… More ›

Dear Shimano…

10 By on Monday August 12 2013 in Exclusives

Dear Shimano, Firstly I would like to say I’m your biggest fan, and thank you for being the glue of the bicycle industry. No, wait: you are the rock stars of the bike world! You do so much, for so many people and yet you… More ›

Bigger Wheels and Smoother Tracks

2 By on Thursday August 1 2013

“Hey mate! Check out my new fancy bike; decided to try out those bigger wheels that have lots of suspension. It pretty much removes all of the off-camber, roots and rocks. It’s like it’s all gone and I’m so much faster. It pedals so well… More ›

Seven reasons why your Bike Mechanic doesn’t like you.

3 By on Wednesday June 19 2013

Seven Reasons why your Bike Mechanic doesn’t like you. First thing you have to realise is your Bike Mechanic knows everything. They may not have had any formal training or qualifications, but despite all of this, they know everything. The reason they know everything is… More ›

the South hits iTunes!!

0 By on Thursday May 16 2013

Pieter Reichwein and Toby Nowland Foreman’s second epic New Zealand mountain bike movie the South is now available on iTunes. Catch all the mountain bike action you’ll ever need from top New Zealand riders, like Justin Leov, Cam Cole, Connor Macfarlane and  Kelly McGarry. Pieter Reichwein… More ›

Dear Summer…

1 By on Tuesday April 16 2013

Dear Summer, Hasn’t it been amazing over the last three to four months? I feel like we’ve connected in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Remember the ride we did on New Year’s Eve on the Te Iringa trail out the back of… More ›

Ten things you didn’t know about your wheels

8 By on Thursday February 28 2013

1- 29ers were originally held back by bad frame design, but mainly tyre choice. That all changed when John Deer Tractors let bike shops open trade accounts. 2- Physics will stop your 29er wheels from being able to go around a corner that is tighter… More ›

Just Riding Along

1 By on Wednesday November 28 2012

I was Just Riding Along (JRA) Transient on Polhill, Wellington with a couple of mates on Saturday evening. I was near the top, and was cruising around one of those long, slightly off-camber right hand corners that are slightly blind and you shouldn’t go too… More ›