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Dodzy Memorial Wrap Up and Results

1 By on Monday February 9 2015 in Exclusives, Racing

Like the rest of the country, Nelson was suffering an extremely dry summer and Wairoa Gorge which normally attracts its fair share of rain was exceptionally dry. Spirits though were high as riders from all over the country descended onto this garden of paradise. But… More ›

Lizard Skins DSP Grip Review

7 By on Friday May 9 2014 in Long Term Tests, Reviews

A lot of my riding buddies rave about the benefits of the slide on foam grip versus the more popular lock-on variety. They have more material between hand and bar, they’re lighter, they have better cushioning blah blah blah, but I always viewed them as… More ›

First Taste: Boosta energy products

3 By on Friday February 14 2014 in Exclusives

There’s a new Manuka honey-based energy product hitting the stores about now, and a few bars and a protein drink turned up at Spoke HQ. So being the performance enhancer type dude at the office, I jammed as much in my new pink Enduro fanny… More ›